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We are a top quality garment manufacturer

Our company makes sure to satisfy every client

needs in terms of competitive pricing, flexible MOQ, excellent quality, on-time delivery, as well as ethical sourcing of all materials involved in production.

With 24 years of expertise, Gaipo Peru Textil has been a leading exporter of cotton and blended garments since 2009.

Our core services include meticulous product development, crafting exclusive collections, and full-package production—encompassing weaving, sewing, printing, finishing, and export documentation. Our modular system ensures flexibility, while continuous upgrades in technology maintain top-tier standards. Trusted by global brands, we offer competitive pricing, flexible MOQs, and efficient outsourcing management. Our success is driven by financial stability, optimized processes, and a skilled, motivated team. Discover the excellence behind the products that set industry standards.

Gaipo Peru Textil LLC, Sourcing Brothers and Tecnologia & Tintura Textile Manufacturing Collaboration

Thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between Gaipo Peru Textil LLC, Florida, USA, Sourcing Brothers, and Tecnologia & Tintura, Lima, Peru. This alliance of global textile leaders marks a milestone in industry excellence. Gaipo Peru Textil LLC, a trusted partner with decades of expertise, renamed quality and innovation. Sourcing Brothers, at Peru's manufacturing hub, boasts top-tier facilities and a commitment to precision. Tecnologia & Tintura, a dyeing specialist since 2005, adds unique expertise. Together, we deliver tailored textile solutions, from development to logistics, ensuring exceptional quality and value. Join us as we set new standards of excellence, driven by professionalism and integrity.

We work with 100% Peruvian Cotton
Our modular production system grants us remarkable flexibility.
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